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The end…

Done with this blog.

Three morsels have been left for memory:

1) One of my poems

2) An essay I wrote in University

3) Two images I am quite fond of, courtesy of the interwebs

This isn’t the outlet I’m looking for.

Be well.

Muppets fucking…

I typed “Muppets fucking” in the Google search bar.
was incredibly disappointed with the results.
I love the Muppets, don’t get me wrong,
but doesn’t a part of you, too, want to see
Muppets fucking?
Miss Piggy fucking the shit out of Kermit the frog.
and you know it would be her doing the fucking.
you think Kermit is the dominant one in the sack?
picture it now: Kermit the frog, spread eagle over the bed,
Miss Piggy thrusting a giant strap-on directly into him.
it’s not easy being green.

WTF? A look at the relationship between…

*Note: The following essay concerns the work of Tomomi Adachi, which can be viewed above. Read the rest of this page »



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